Month: March 2018

5 advices to save mobile internet data on Android

Although the price for mobile data is getting more affordable, the truth is that we are consuming more of it. This happens because there are more apps and ways to send and receive large files. Our devices have also changed a lot in the past few years, and we used them a lot for different…

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ComboJack, a Trojan that modifies the information of the Windows clipboard

Every new malware has its own trait. This time, security experts have found a threat that is capable of modifying the information of the OS’ clipboard. It is called ComboJack, and it affects Windows systems. It only works when the information on the clipboard is related to cryptocurrencies and similar services. Complicated? No. The threat…

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Windows Defender flags the Kali Linux subsystem as a threat on Windows 10

One of Windows 10’s (specifically the Anniversary Update) most interesting novelties was the Windows Subsystem for Linux, a virtualization tool that uses Hyper-V to let us run Linux on Windows 10 without needing tools like VMware or VirtualBox. Although Ubuntu was the first distro seen on Windows Subsystem for Linux, we currently have a lot…

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