Windows has several built-in security tools such as an antivirus (known as Windows Defender) and a built-in firewall to protect us against unauthorized connections. However, Windows lacks a simple tool to let us set up and manage its firewall easily. Luckily, there are apps and third-party tools to do that and make the most out of Windows Firewall Control for a maximum security.

This app is not new. In October 2017, we talked to you about Windows Firewall Control 5 being launched. In that moment, it was the latest version of Windows Firewall’s configuration software, which came with a lot of changes and novelties to make it easy for users to create and set up rules in Windows Firewall.

Some of this tool’s most important features are:

  • It allows us to create, remove or modify Windows Firewall rules easily.
  • It prevents other programs from ignoring Windows Firewall rules.
  • It allows us to export and import sets of rules easily.
  • It gets integrated into Command Prompt so administrators can set Windows Firewall up easily using the PC.

In order to keep improving itself, we got a new update a few hours ago: Windows Firewall Control 5.1. This version is focused mainly on maintenance, but it includes important changes and improvements that we will see below.

Main Windows Firewall Control 5.1 novelties

Undoubtedly, this new version’s main novelty is that it includes new security rules. This feature has been rewritten from scratch. Once it is enabled, it prohibits adding, removing or modifying firewall rules from outside the app. Also, a new feature called “Secure Profile” has been created. When enabled, importing rules and modifying the filters can only be executed with the tool.

Besides these main novelties, this new version also corrects a lot of bugs and minor issues to make the tool as good as possible. Some of the issues are:

  • A problem with the uninstaller, which could be executed repeatedly.
  • Notifications are now loaded from a default folder.
  • The UI has been improved.
  • The recommended rules have been updated.
  • The URL services have been updated.

This tool is compatible with every current Windows version from Windows 7 to Windows 10, including Server 2012 and Server 2016.

How to download the new Windows Firewall Control 5.1

This new version is now available and can be downloaded through its main webpage. This app is entirely free, but users who want to make a donation to keep the project running will receive a license key that enables several additional features, for example:

    • A notification system for blocked outbound traffic.
    • Creating temporary rules that expire once the PC is restarted.