There currently are a lot of VPN servers to protect our online connections. Some of them simply for end-to-end encryption for our traffic, and others especially designed to protect our privacy and give us extreme anonymity when connected to the Internet. The main problem of using VPN servers is that it is usually difficult to set them up and make them work properly, so some users choose not to use them. Luckily, there are other options, although not exactly secure, that are ideal for users looking for something easy to use, like Tuxler.

Tuxler is a free VPN server for Google Chrome and Firefox that allows us to protect our browser’s connections by simply using an extension. This service has over 70,000 new IP addresses registered as residential addresses, so we can easily encrypt our traffic, hide our location and bypass any censorship found on the web.

Can we trust Tuxler even if it is a free VPN?

We have always said that we should be really careful with free VPN services, as we have seen how some of them put users at risk by selling their data. Some of them fill our connections with ads, as they come from companies that spend money in computer and server maintenance, so they obviously have to make profit.

This is not Tuxler’s case. Although it allows us to use its free VPN, the profit comes from this VPN’s premium version, which is a version that let us browse the web four times faster than the free version. It also let us choose the server that we want instead of having to use the mandatory servers for users with the free version.

Although the VPN’s headquarters are located in the United States (which means that it is not one of the most private VPNs), it is good to protect and encrypt our traffic, especially if we are looking for something simple and easy to use.

How does Tuxler work?

To use this VPN, we just have to download and install the extension on Google Chrome or Firefox from their respective extensions stores.

Besides installing the extension, we will have to install an app on our computer so the VPN can be run. The app can be downloaded once the extension is installed.

Once the tool is ready on our computer, we can start using this VPN on Google Chrome or Firefox. To run it, we just have to click on the icon found on the taskbar’s right side to activate the VPN and start browsing the web securely after choosing the country for the IP address.

As we can see, this is not a really private VPN because it is ruled by US laws, and it is not one of the most secure either because the technical data regarding security is nowhere to be found. However, this tool is certainly useful for users who want to activate and deactivate the VPN easily, as well as for those who do not see privacy as essential and do not required having a military grade encryption for their connections.