Yesterday, Facebook’s espionage scandal that exposed the data of millions of users to private companies was all over the news. What a surprise! After that, the amount of users wanting to delete their Facebook account in order to protect their data has increased.

Although it is probably too late to protect the huge amount of private data that you have on your Facebook profile, you can delete your Facebook account right now using your smartphone if you want to. You just have to go to the app’s settings in your iOS or Android device and follow the steps below.

Before deleting your Facebook account…

The company is under investigation for allegedly misusing the data of more than 50 million users. The data ended up being used by a British company called Cambridge Analytica. This has prompted users to want to deactivate their profiles and delete their Facebook accounts for good.

However, before you decide to delete your Facebook account entirely, we remind you that is it always good to download a copy of your Facebook data to make sure that you do not lose everything you have been posting all these years on the social network. This can only be done through Facebook’s web version. You will find it in General Account Settings below the different settings, the option is called “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

Deactivating your Facebook account on Android and iOS

Before deleting your Facebook account, you have to deactivate it, and you can easily do that using your phone. What you have to do on the Facebook app for both Android and iOS is to go to Account settings > General > Manage account. This is where you will find the options to modify your choice for the legacy contact (the person that will manage your account once you die) or deactivate the account.

Deleting your Facebook account entirely

Once you deactivate your social network account, there is one step left in order to delete your Facebook account entirely. To do that, open your phone’s browser and go into this webpage. This is where you can delete you social network profile for good, and never open it again.

However, you will have to wait 90 days for your data to be completely deleted from Facebook’s servers. Bear in mind that there is no going back after this. If you click on the option “Delete my account”, you will not be able to log in to Facebook, so you will have to create a new profile from scratch.