ASPEdit Comes loaded with wizards and tools to make the creating of Active Server Pages (ASP) as easy as possible, but ASPEdit™ does more than that, It also supports the whole range of Visual Basic Script (VBScript), C#, ASP+, vAsp, Perl, all known html tags, webtv tags, Hdml, Wml, Miva, WAP/WML, HDML, Coldfusion, and main JavaScript commands.

The editor supports syntax highlighting, and will make a distinction between ASP, HTML, VBScript and SQL commands, all are displayed in different colors, the editor also saves documents every 2 minutes making sure your work is save on disc.

The strength of ASPEdit™ however is that all the tedious commands and functions in ASP are simplified to just a few mouse clicks. Generating SQL qeuries?, can’t remember the fieldnames?, forgot what the name of that datasource was?, the SQL query generator will solve these problems for you, its point, select and click, nothing more than that!.

Convert text to either VBscript or Perl functions, select blocks of text and convert them to Response.Write”” statements, its all possible with ASPEdit™, compress your graphics (gif) so they occupy less space on the server, and guarantee faster download times, create animated gifs, email sources to colleagues or friends, link validator, document validator, internal preview of web-pages, function and sub explorer, generate mass email scripts its all build into ASPEdit™.

Tools included with ASPEdit™ are the ability to change configuration details of Information Server within windows registry, changing text-ranges in to Visual Basic script functions, convert spaces to  , link validation etc.
There are so many tools and features in ASPEdit™ that we could go on forever.

The best way of finding out is to try ASPEdit™ for yourself, download the evaluation copy now and test to see if it fit your needs.